Uniquely Paws-Able

A Special School for Special Dogs and Their People

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Uniquely Paws-Able was created to offer online classes with expert instruction to everyone - with an emphasis on adapting teaching methods for dogs with visual and/or hearing impairments (blind, deaf or both). The instruction will be helpful for any dog and person, regardless of ability, so yes, dogs that can see and hear just fine are also welcome to join us! Dogs and people of any ability are welcome to come join the fun!

All teaching has a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement techniques. This means that we focus on setting the dog up for success and then we praise and reward the dog when he/she gets it right! Behavior that is reinforced becomes stronger and happens more often – so – success then becomes a habit! Teaching should be a fun process for all concerned – people and dogs!

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Come join us for some fun and learning!