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"If you need knowledgeable help and guidance, then Deb’s brilliant UP membership offers that in abundance. UP members who are in similar circumstances to you, are supportive and encouraging. It is a safe place to share issues and concerns, but also to learn lots and have great fun in the process. Fortnightly Zoom calls on various, member-voted for topics, makes being a member both worthwhile, and an enjoyable, positive experience. Deb is always just a shout out away too. I would highly recommend joining because it has made such a huge difference to the life I share with my two blind dogs."

- Angela, UP Founding Member, Proud Mom to Two Amazing Blind Dogs

Thank you for choosing this unique and exclusive opportunity to join our ongoing UP (Uniquely Paws-Able) Membership Program – a one-of-a-kind virtual haven for those who share their lives with blind and/or deaf dogs. This community is not just a space; it's a sanctuary where connection, learning, and support converge. As we embark on this exciting journey together, here's what you can expect from your UP Membership:

🌐 Ongoing Information Hub: Access a treasure trove of valuable content tailored to you and your dog. It can be a challenge finding accurate information and advice tailored specifically to dogs with hearing and/or visual differences. From solving common behavior concerns to creating enrichment activities, find everything you need to enhance your dog's well-being and quality of life.

🀝 Exclusive Online Community: Forge bonds with like-minded individuals in our members-only space. Share experiences, seek advice, and revel in the joy of connecting with those who understand the unique joys and challenges of life with a special pup.

πŸ—“ Monthly Group Calls: Engage in stimulating group discussions where we delve into a variety of topics. From health concerns to training tips, these once-a-month calls are your chance to interact, learn, and grow. These are in addition to our training session calls below.

πŸŽ“ Expert Training Sessions: Join monthly training calls designed to meet the diverse needs of our members. Whether you're addressing behavioral issues or enhancing your dog's skills, these sessions are tailored to your goals and allow you to teach your dog alongside the virtual lessons.

🌍 Time-Zone Friendly Calls: We understand that our members span the globe. That's why our calls are scheduled to accommodate the needs of everyone as much as possible. If you have a question about your location and time zone, please reach out through www.yourinnerdog.com .

πŸ” Personalized Feedback: Receive expert feedback between calls to guide you in implementing the lessons and information that matter most to you. Your success is our priority.

πŸ’Έ Member Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on select Your Inner Dog classes and workshops, enhancing your learning experience and helping you provide the best for your beloved companion.

πŸ’¬ Input Opportunities: Have a say in the topics we cover during discussions and training sessions. Your input shapes the content, ensuring it aligns with your needs and interests.

πŸŽ‰ Fun and Engaging Activities: Come, learn, and have a blast! Our community is not just about education; it's a space where joy, laughter, and shared experiences thrive.

🌈 Limited-Time Low Price: Your investment? For more information, email [email protected] This membership is opened at specific times of year and by invitation.

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I'm eager to welcome you into this extraordinary community where the love for blind, deaf, and blind/deaf dogs unites us. As we explore exciting ideas and embark on this unique journey together, I look forward to you joining us in the UP Membership Program.Click below to join us today!

Your Instructor

Deb Bauer KPA-CTP, TT-CAP 2, FDM
Deb Bauer KPA-CTP, TT-CAP 2, FDM

Deb is an internationally recognized expert in working with blind and/or deaf dogs. She teaches people to communicate effectively with their visually and/or hearing-impaired dogs to teach them effective life skills, fun tricks and to ensure a happy and wonderful quality of life. She has published several books - perhaps the most well-known book about living with and teaching blind and deaf dogs is Through A Dark Silence.

Deb Bauer has over 30 years of teaching and consulting experience working with dogs and their people. She is a holistic dog behavior and well-being coach. Deb assists and supports people who wish to give their dogs the very best lifestyle possible, meeting their needs, and also creating calm, well-behaved companions.

In addition to her focus on blind/deaf dogs, Deb has extensive experience teaching and competing with dogs in a variety of activities such as therapy and assistance work, agility, obedience and rally, media work, scent work, and more. She also has extensive experience rehabilitating dogs showing excessive fearful and reactive behaviors, such as those from commercial breeding facilities and hoarding situations. She regularly works with rescues and shelters to assist with getting dogs ready for new homes.

Deb holds multiple certifications in areas of training, behavior, wellness and well-being. This allows her to offer you and your dog the most useful and comprehensive plan for success. She is committed to continuing her education to stay up to date on the most current research and information to bring to her clients.

For a full bio and other resources, please visit www.yourinnerdog.com.

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